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My home away from home: Brimfield Fair!

Adam’s mom Rhonda introduced me to the world of the Brimfield Fair about 2 years ago, and I was hooked. A gathering of tents upon tents of antiques and an opportunity for me to try and haggle some deals, is like Christmas to me. With the wedding coming up (well, it’s not THAT soon seeing that it’s September 2014) I was excited to go and check out what I could incorporate for décor. It also gave me an opportunity to see any new trends in the design world were popping up. One vendor told me, “People think trends start in the magazines, but that’s not true. They start at places like Brimfield” and I couldn’t agree more. So what did I walk away with?

Petrified woods, geodes, crystals were everywhere, along with gorgeous old suitcases (with travel stickers!), mixing woods with irons, gorgeous rugs with bold patterns and so on. They’re all there! We did walk away with a few ideas for the wedding, and a couple of things for the home!

My only purchase for the day was this adorable cast iron dog bank for $20 and I’m in love. He’s just so cute! He looks fab on my desk.


Adam was the big purchaser over the weekend. He picked up a stage light for $25 and is determined to rewire it and find a wooden tri-pod to stick it on to make a new light for us (like this one). If you have an extra tri-pod lying around, please let me know. He also got a pair of beautiful cast iron stems for our dream table. We’ve been on the hunt for some for about a year and this was the first pair that seemed reasonably priced at $400 compared to the $700+ we’ve come across  in the past.


The vendor we bought them from told us they were from around 1910 (same age as the house!) and from a factory in Vermont. We looked up the company that was on them, Jones, Lansom  & Co. and come to find out, they machined a variety of things. From guns to sewing machines, to lathes. We’re only going to use the leg parts for the table, but I’m sure we’ll come up with some use for the top. I have no intention of painting them or trying to refinish them either. I think something like this, looks great in it’s original form. You can tell that they were inside for a long time since the condition of them is great. I can’t WAIT until we have the table put together and in the dining room. That is, when we get to putting sheet rock up, lighting, oh and fixing the floor joists since they’re rotten and making sure the room is level. Just add it to the list.

I didn’t take too many pictures, but I did want to share what I did take. IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1532 IMG_1533 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1540

Did you go to Brimfield this past weekend? You going to check it out in July or September too? I know I’ll most likely be there!


We’re going ‘tiquing

Just doing a little plug here before we get into today’s post. I’m guest blogging over on Wayfair’s My Way Home blog. I chat about something HUGE that’s happened in our house, as well as some tips on when to call a professional. Make sure to check it out and leave a comment!

Recently, I went to the fall edition of the Brimfield Fair a couple of weekends ago. It has quickly become one of my favorite antique hunting adventures and where I like to spot trends. I’m not going to fill this post up with too many words, but I have a need to over share all things awesome. I didn’t come away with any goodies but I seriously just loved looking at all the great things for the final fair of the season. Enjoy!

This was taken for my friend Trisha who’s getting married TOMORROW! WOOT!

Mercury glass makes me weak in the knees. So much so that I don’t realize that my thumbs in the frame.

I’ll have some of these letters one day. Whenever I get nice walls.

Adam is obsessed with these lights. He’s convinced he could build one if he found the right parts. I’m calling his bluff.

These iron beauties would make a gorgeous chandelier in a big dining room over a nice round dining table. I LOVE them!

Mercury glass AND blue (depression?) glass jugs? Need.

I desperately need/want an antique fan. If I could find one that actually works? Bonus.

These flour and sugar boxes were fab. The price ($450)? Not so much.

A bowling alley turned table? Yes, please.

The patterned rugs were great fantastic!

And to end on a creepy note…

Don’t worry. It’s just a BB gun, and it did NOT come home with us.

Have you ever been to Brimfield? Where are your favorite places to find goods for your home?