Today, is a big day for Operation Restoration! (Part 1)

We have some HUGE news to share today on the blog…I’m going to be on TV! Ask This Old House specifically. And it starts airing TODAY! (Check out this link to see when it airs on your PBS station!)

So, way back in September something incredible happened. And no, it wasn’t the mister FINALLY proposing (which was also very incredible) but it was a visit from Tom Silva himself, and Ask This Old House! In our home! To film ME! Little ole’ me. How did this all happen? It’s quite interesting actually.

We’ve had issues with our furnace. Not only is it ancient, but where it’s located is also a problem, right smack in the middle of the basement and vents up through our chimney. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting rid of it completely (along with the water heater) and going green. What I mean is, getting a direct vent furnace and tankless water heater, which would allow us to remove the chimney entirely and then we’d be able to open the walls up without a giant brick eyesore in the middle of our rooms. So, Adam and I were casually chatting about the whole thing, when he mentioned “Maybe you should email Ask This Old House.” Since we had no idea how big of a project it really is, I took our question and emailed away. Hoping we’d get an answer soon.

Well, a few months later, we finally got a response! I got a call from one of the producers saying that they were interested in chatting with us about our project. So I gave him a call back and while the the furnace question was great, he wanted to know if we had any other projects, perhaps ones that were smaller scale? Of course we had smaller projects! I rattled off about 5 other things we had in our pipeline and he told me he’d get back to me if the team felt a project was right to pursue.

About a week later he called me back, saying that they were interested in our cracked floor joist, which apparently is a common problem in old homes. The producer came out to our house to take a look around and see our trouble area and said he’d be in touch.

That was it for a couple of weeks, until he called again while we were in Maine for a friends wedding. They wanted to film us and our cracked joist! I frantically called Adam and told him the news. They wanted to film that Monday! We both quickly shot emails to our bosses saying how Ask This Old House was coming to our HOME and we need that day off! Thankfully, they completely understood why we needed the day off and were so excited for us! So we rushed home that Sunday to clean the house like it never had been cleaned before, in preparation for it’s TV debut.

My dear friend Elyse from the Somerville Beat was kind enough to come by the day they started filming and caught some action shots of them filming. Here’s some shots she captured:

Photo Credit: Somerville Beat

Photo Credit: Somerville Beat

Photo Credit: Somerville Beat

Photo Credit: Somerville Beat

So tune in tomorrow when I chat about my experience filming and what it was like to hang out with Tom Silva for a day. And just a reminder, my segment (#1114) starts airing today (find out when it airs on your PBS station here) and if you don’t get PBS in your neck of the woods, or don’t have cable, you can view it online starting January 8th.


2 responses to “Today, is a big day for Operation Restoration! (Part 1)

  1. Very excited to watch on the 8th!

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