Getting a little ahead of ourselves…

A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I took off to the middle of New Hampshire to “just look” at some flooring at the Carlise Warehouse. We didn’t have anything going on that Saturday, so we figured we’d take a trip to just to check out what they had. And man, did they deliver.

They were having a warehouse sale (which is why we ventured up there) and were greeted with massive railroad beams out in the front…right up our alley! The people there were so incredibly welcoming, gave us a quick overview of what they had, and told us to just go ahead a look.

We spotted some of our favorite wood, wide white pine. As much as we love the look of these, and how they’d fit in with the look we’re going for, unfortunately the wood is just too soft. Bromley + soft wood = disaster. Just ask Adam’s parents who have them in their kitchen, as you can see where Bromley has used them as his personal scratching post. On to the next grouping of wood!

We came across piles of gorgeous walnuts, oaks, and laminate flooring, but nothing. Until we found THE ONE. Were we ever in trouble. It’s called Antique hard wide pine and what adds to it’s uniqueness is that it comes from railroad bridges, ties, ship masts. It gorgeous knots and nail holes that shows a history, and we just kept staring at it. We tried walking away but we just couldn’t stop looking at it and talking about how amazing it would look in our house.

Source: Carlise Wide Plank Floors

Told you we were in trouble.

The next thing I know, we’re having serious talks about whether or not we should get this flooring and start crunching numbers. At $5/square foot we landed on a steal. This wood alone normally sells between $15-$20/square foot! Talk about savings. We talked to one of the employees there and he was so incredibly  helpful. We asked how it would stand up to Bromley’s nails and normal wear and tare and he said that it’s some of the hardest wood you can get. Ugh oh. We aren’t even close to being ready for flooring (still have to add supports downstairs and level the floor in the kitchen and dining room) but this is the deal of the year. How can we walk away from this gorgeous wood?

Well, if you guessed that we walked away from it, you’re completely wrong. We paid for it and scheduled to have it delivered the following week. We got enough to cover the entire downstairs (living room, kitchen, dining room and downstairs bathroom) with some extra wood to spare. We’re planning on putting this in ourselves, so it looks like we have to get our butts in gear!

The good thing about having the floors in our possession is that it’s a constant reminder that we need to get moving on some things. We’ve been really busy this summer so we haven’t been able to tackle a lot of projects. But come this fall, we’re planning on having a demo party, where friends will help us finish up the dining room and upstairs bedroom, so we can start putting it back together.  We’re tired of living in a construction zone; we just want to be able to enjoy this house! And once these floors are in, we’ll be one step closer, and I can’t wait.


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