Projects are a happenin’

First off, I just want to start by saying I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated the blog. I could say that it’s because life got in the way (which is kind of true) but honestly, it’s hard working/staring/being creative on a monitor all day and then come home and write witty happenings of what we’ve been up to. Adam’s been on my case to update (and *cough, cough* he’s right) and I had a stranger who read my blog tell me that I’m one hell of a writer. Talk about motivation! So, what have we been up to recently? A bunch of things.

The project I’m going to focus on for this post is a first for me. In December Adam found one hell of a chair on Craigslist for a bargain ($50!) and we drove down to the South Shore to check it out. It’s from the ’50s, solid wood and has a great MIT engineering emblem on the back. Absolutely perfect for our future office. We met with John and he took us to this amazing barn that had so many good items in it, I could hardly contain my excitement! I don’t know if I’ve been watching way too many American Pickers episodes but while I was listening to John tell us the story behind the chair, my eyes kept wandering to all the goodies that were hidden within this barn! I happened to spot something Adam and I had been coveting for awhile, a drafting table! We’ve been on the search for one to use as our office desk, but they’ve been in the $500+ range. Out of our budget. I also spotted a couple of other things, one of them being a great, rustic chair. I asked if John was willing to bundle the three items and he agreed to sell all three items (the drafting table and the 2 chairs) for $150! Solid. Deal.

So, we packed up the honda and trekked back up to Boston. After taking my lovely chair out into the light of day, it kind of looked like this:
It needs some serious lovin’.
Told ya.

So I busted out my new orbital sander (thanks Uncle Rick and Aunt Mary!) and sanded her down, because I know deep down, she’s a beaut.
And after about 30 minutes of sanding, this is what it looked like:
Nice backside.

I then brought the chair inside, because I had a lot of holes to fill. I think it had so many holes because it used to be a caned chair which at some point got replaced by a cushion and fabric. All I used to fill the holes was some DAP plastic wood filler. This stuff is amazing, but seriously smells, so make sure if you use it, to do it in a well ventilated area, and wear a mask because it’s really potent. With this kind of filler, I’ll be able to sand it, stain it and paint it. So, I just took a putty knife and started filling a lot of holes.
I’ve got to let this dry out (and find some time!) to sand down the filler and pray that it helps out this poor, poor chair. I’ve picked out an amazing paint color and a great fabric to go with it. I can’t wait to see it done! I just hope the chair holds up so people can actually sit in it!

Have you ever tackled a restoration project? This is my first, so any tips I will gladly take!


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