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I’m in love!

With my gorgeous homemade shower curtain.

Yup, I’m in love with something I made with painters drop cloth and grommets. It was love at first cut. And let me tell you…as a non-sewer, this was INCREDIBLY easy. All I needed to get the job done was the drop cloth, iron on hemming material, grommets, the grommet clamp thingy (technical term) and a good pair of sharp scissors.

First, I just ironed it out since it was packaged and all wrinkly.

Then I grabbed the shower liner I that I bought on Amazon and laid the painters cloth out first on the kitchen floor and lined up the top of the shower curtain on top of it. I probably should have measured it the proper way, but since it only cost me $9 it was ok if I didn’t cut it perfectly.

Once cut, I cut the iron on hemming material to fit the width (about an inch or so) and pinned it in place. With the iron hot, I slowly ran the iron down, checking along the way the glue was actually holding the material together, thankfully it was! Now comes the easiest part of the process.

Originally, Adams parents gave me their traditional grommet set with brass grommets. Adam really wanted stainless steal ones but figured we could just use the ones they have us, but after going to about 4 different hardware stores, there were none. I ended up finding some at A.C. Moore for cheap, who knew! The system that I tried first was what Adam’s parents gave us.  I put the fabric on this metal drum-esque piece, used a hammer to punch a hole in the fabric first, then I used another piece to actually tighten the grommet to the fabric. I tested it out first on a scrap piece and it was rough. Nothing worked easily and I couldn’t figure out why. The grommets just kept bending in half and I was seriously getting frustrated.

I tried using the grommets that Adams dad threw in for us and it worked perfectly. I think here ones I bought were just too weak to handle using a hammer to pound it into the metal part. So I ran out to AC Moore to we what I could find.

I ended up getting their grommet clamp for about $14 (with a 40% off coupon too) and raced back home.

I tested it on a mother scrap piece and it worked incredible. It was so so easy. So I marked where the grommets would go with a pencil and started putting in the grommets. I swear it literally took me 5 minutes to do the whole thing.

I ran back upstairs to hang the liner and new shower curtain up immediately and I took a step back and instantly loved it. I was originally going to use some craft paint and paint a design on it but once I saw it up with the paint color and the floor, I’m really digging the neutral-ness of it all.

So. Let’s do a cost recap.
Painters drop cloth from Home Depot: $9
Shower curtain liner from Amazon: $9 (plus $3 shipping) $12
Grommets from AC Moore: $7 for 10 grommets
Grommet clamp set from AC Moore: $14.99 (plus 40% off coupon) $8.99
(rounded up)

So for $40, I got exactly what I wanted. And if I want to change it up, I can easily swap it out for something else. Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to sew a real one with beautiful fabric. Just need a sewing machine first…