Busy Bees.

Well, we’ve been busy bees this last couple of weeks. We’ve grouted the shower tiles, had the plumbers come in and install everything and we’re working on the finishing touches. So, we pretty much have a functioning bathroom on our hands! How’d we get there?

Well, let’s back up to the grouting process, something I like to call “the dark times”. I could say that it went smoothly, but unfortunately it did not. So I’m going to be really honest here. I thought I would be a really great girlfriend and grout the entire surround. I will admit that this was my first attempt at grouting by myself, and I was definitely nervous. Of course, it didn’t help that I picked one of the hottest days in July to do it. So I mix everything together just fine, get my tools together to start grouting and get at it. Except it was drying fast…really fast. So fast that it started crumbling on me. I’m grouting, pushing it into the tiles as quickly as I could and trying my hardest. So I eventually get the whole thing grouted, and am about to start wiping it off when Adam comes in, sees that the grout has dried too quickly and not properly and it needs to be redone. An hour and a half wasted, materials wasted, a boyfriend that isn’t too pleased. The next night, I’m painstakingly taking the grout out of the tiles, just to do it again the next weekend, well, Adam did it the next weekend since my track record is sub par.

But on to the good things! How did the the grout turn out? Fantastic.

The plumber came and installed everything beautifully.

Adam’s Dad was kind enough to come to the house while the plumbers did their thing and in a few hours we had a working bathroom! A toilet that flushes! A sink with running water! A shower/tub that can used! No more showering in a tiny stall shower down a flight of stairs.

So, now we’re up to speed. We’ve spent our time mostly doing touch up paint, puttying of holes in the wainscoting (and sanding), and installing the shower rod. Everything went pretty smoothly, until we got the shower rod. It was tough due to the the cement board, but after some sweat (and surprisingly no cursing) Adam was able to get it hung up.

We needed one that was longer in length, so I jumped online and found a shower curtain liner that was 84″ long (thanks Amazon!). I also did some research for an actual shower curtain but haven’t been able to find anything that I’m really crazy about (pattern wise) and all that I came across is one that I found on Bed, Bath and Beyond, but it’s just a white waffle. I like it, because it’s simple and it would look nice in the bathroom, but I think I just want something..different.

Adam’s sister and her boyfriend just moved into a great loft in Brooklyn.  To help define space, they had the genius idea (and inexpensive!) way to do just that…painter’s drop cloth! So, I took their idea and I’m running with it. For as little as $10, I think I have my shower curtain! I love that it has a textured look to it and I can make it any length that I need it to be. With some iron on hemming material (I’m seriously lacking in the sewing department) grommets (thanks BVB and RVB!) I should be good to go! I picked up some greyish/metallic acrylic paint so I can paint on my own pattern. One in particular I’m interested in is a chevron pattern like this:

image found here

I also found these guys at a local sewing shop that I might attempt:

We’ll see. I’m defeintely going to play around with it before hand, like taping it up with some painters tape to make sure I even like it!

Well, I’ve rambled on for far too long. Has anyone attempted to make their own shower curtain before? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


2 responses to “Busy Bees.

  1. The bathroom looks great! I can only imagine how good it feels to have that done. P.S. I love the light fixtures! You have great taste.

    • Thanks! We’re pretty happy with how it’s turned out. Still have a little touch up things to do…well, add the crown molding! But it’s coming together and I love showering in it. Thanks for reading!

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