Monthly Archives: May 2011

Lights! Camera! Paint!

Finally. We painted! And installed the lights! We’re cookin’ folks.

Look at my handy cutting work (I only got a little bit on the ceiling, but that’s what touch ups are for!

Just to refresh your memory, we went with Olympic’s no VOC paint (read more about that here) in Serene Stream and I’m loving the result. The color is fantastic, vibrant and totally what we were looking for. It surprisingly didn’t take me that long to paint the entire bathroom…maybe about 3 hours with drying time to do two coats. I’d say that’s pretty good! But, enough with the chatter. Let’s get to the good stuff…pictures!

It looks messy, but it seriously came out awesome!

You can see how great the color turned out! And look at Adam…only one full day of doing electrical and he can hook up lights.

And look. They work! Nice job Adam and Dad (who helped with the initial installation)! Look how awesome my find was for lighting. I’m so pumped with how good them look! Imagine the medicine cabinet in between them and the gorgeous white pedestal sink! I can see it now…

We plan on finishing the ceiling with some gorgeous crown molding and replacing that old, single paned window that’s in there with a nice new wooden one, which will also get the crown molding treatment. We’re actually on the hunt for the perfect old door to replace our crappy hollow one that’s there now. So I’ll be checking out craigslist or taking a road trip up to my favorite stores in Maine…ReStore!

I’m just so glad that we’re done with painting. I feel like I can finally see the room coming together! Next up…tiling!

And just because I can, I’m going to end with a pic of this cutie:

When he’s old enough, he’ll totally be helping out with projects. Someday!