Swatches galore

I’ve been looking at swatches ever since we started demo-ing. I’m pretty sure I dragged Adam to the paint section when we went into Home Depot to grab a crowbar to tackle the demo. Needless to say, I was excited to paint. So,  after 8 months of working on this room, I can finally say that we’re ready to paint! As you saw on our last post, we primed the entire bathroom with Olympic’s no VOC paint and we’re going to use it again to paint the entire room. As for inspiration for the color? Can’t really pinpoint where I got the color combo from, but right now I’m really loving blues, greys, white and greens. I think it’s a really great color combination that could essentially work anywhere in the house. But enough talk about color combinations…let’s get on to the swatches!

From left to right: Shark Loop, Chambray, Serene Stream and Chalky Blue.

I started off really wanting something in the blue/grey family and thought that I would love shark loop, but once it got on the wall all I felt was “meh” about it. As soon as I put the other colors up on the wall, I had an instant favorite, but didn’t say anything until I showed them to Adam. Adam walked in and picked his favorite…the same one as me! It was such an easy decision to make, but I wanted to make sure that we really loved it so we lived with the color for a couple of days. I wanted to see how the color was in different lights at different times of the day. But in the end, we chose Serene Stream!! We’ve already picked up a gallon and I can’t wait to get started. I’m contemplating whether or not to use Shark Loop to paint the ceiling, but I think we’ll live with the white ceiling for a bit just to make sure.

So stay tuned to the next post…I need to get my paint on!


2 responses to “Swatches galore

  1. Serene Stream is very lovely. It’s a cool color without being cold. With the right furniture, I would put that in a bedroom with some bead board or wainscoting.

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