Lots of changes around here lately! First, you’ll notice that I’ve switched blog hosts. I decided to change from Tumblr to WordPress since WordPress allows me to get some stats and nerdy marketing things. And people can follow the blog more easily via facebook or an RSS feed. I’ll slowly begin making upgrades/additions as I go, but I digress. Let’s talk about about the progress we’ve made since the last blog post.

We have completed the drywall! It took all weekend, but we did it. And we couldn’t be happier! Take a look for yourself.

After doing drywall for an entire weekend, I’m all set with not doing it again for awhile. But man, does that look nice or what? We were pretty pleased and managed to do it with little bickering! Go us!

The bathroom is really taking shape, meaning, it’s starting to look like a real room! We still have a lot on the list to do, but we’re both really happy to have reached this point. I keep picturing myself just hanging out in there all day because it’s going to be the nicest room in the whole house. Adam will most likely have to drag me out once we’re done!

We’ve been up to other projects recently too, but no worries, I’ll be blogging about them earlier next week. We’re heading to NH to go skiing/snowboarding/see our friends new house and I couldn’t be more excited.

Happy weekend!


One response to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Hooray! Maybe I can pee there soon!

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